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Tokyo Japan summer meet-up! Aug 1st-Aug 9th

Hello everyone!
xonii18 and I (artemiscangee) are going to go to Japan and would like to meet with some other lolitas from around the world during our trip. Anyone is welcome! Non-Japanese lolitas and Japanese lolitas alike ^_^

I’ve already posted some information about this but seeing as it’s getting closer to the actual days we will be there I wanted to post again. Some people last time were not sure when they were going or if they would be going at all.

I would like this thread to be for people who are going to be there around the same time as us and figure out a day that can work the best for all of us ^_^ And to see where everyone would like to go for a meet!

Now down to business!
As stated in the title I would like this meet to be in the days between Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 9th
No matter where we go later I think it would be a good idea to meet everyone in a central location and then move on to where ever we are going. I would suggest either Harajuku the photo square or the McDonalds or Shabuya outside the main train station by Hachiko (the dog statue)

Some ideas I had for places:
Alice in wonderland restaurant Link: Needs reservations 1 month in advance
Tokyo Disney Link:
Wander around Harajuku/Shibuya/Shinjuku to find a Cake/Tea place to accommodate us all ^_^
Butler Cafe- need reservations 1 month in advance

Please lend your suggestions if you know a place to go or if you like one of my semi-lame ideas! Keep in mind though when suggesting places that xonii18 and I are from the United States and I have limited knowledge of the Japanese language and she has next to none.

Thank you all for looking at my post and I hope to see you all there!


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