aznn3rd (aznn3rd) wrote in egl,

Project Help? (Spain Lolitas!)

Hello! I'm currently doing a project in my school's spanish class about alternative fashion in Spain. I have decided to include lolita in my project.
My project is pretty much completed. However, I need pictures of lolitas in Spain to finish.

I would have used the search function to find meet ups in Spain, but I don't feel comfortable using someone's picture without permission. It just feels stalker-like, and I would hate for anyone to do something like that to me. xD

If its not too much trouble, I would love for anyone in Spain to post their pictures of Spanish lolitas.

Any help given will be GREATLY appreciated. :)

Also: My spanish is very limited and I was wondering how one would say "Jumper skirt" in spanish. All I have been taught is "vestido" for dress.
I can't really find anything in my Spanish-English dictionary.

Thank you for your time :)

Edit: "Jumper Skirt" question solved. A big thank you to those that helped! However, I still need more pictures xD

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