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li_lolita , a community for Lolitas looking to meet up on the Island,
is holding their very first meet up!

Please RSVP at: http://community.livejournal.com/li_lolita/2778.html

It will take place Monday June 8, 2009
At the Atlantis Marine World : http://www.atlantismarineworld.com/
Riverhead, Long Island - NY.
For directions please see: http://www.atlantismarineworld.com/visitor-directions.html

We will all meet in front of the building at: 11:00 in the morning.
( be sure to eat your wheaties girls,best to be bright and early!)

As far as ADMISSION goes:

Children 3–17: $23.00 plus applicable tax
Adults 18–61: $26.00 plus applicable tax

This includes:

  • Aquarium Admission ,

  • $5.00 Arcade Card,

  • Unlimited rides on Submarine Simulator and Discovery Tower.

Everyone please wear your finest ! This will be our first meet up and
im sure everyone will be excited to see new faced ^_^

If you have a camera it is encouraged that you bring it with you!

It is also advised, that the aquarium does not aloud outside food
in the building, so you probably should store some food in your car
or eat ahead of time if you have any strict dietary preferences.

Exhibits Include:
Outdoor Exhibits
Ancient Reptile Ruins-Koi Pond-Interactive Salt Marsh-Lost Temple of Atlantis-Otter Falls-Penguin Pavilion-Ray Bay-Sea Lion Coliseum-Seals-Shark Reef Lagoon

Indoor Exhibits
Amazon Aviary-Amazon Rainforest-Best Buddies‚ Clownfish & Anemone-Coral Reef-Cuttlefish-Electric Eel-Flounder Find-Form & Function-Giant Pacific Octopus-Jellyfish-Lake Malawi Cichlids-Local Rocky Shores-Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit-Megalodon Display-Moray Eels-Ocean Creatures of the World/Crab Villa-Piranha-Poseidon's Treasure Room-Puffer Fish-Ray Bay-Sand Shark Lagoon-Schooling Fish-Seahorses-Shipwreck/Artificial Reef-Tidal Marsh-Touch Tank

Interactive Experiences
Discovery Tower-Interactive Salt Marsh-Nemo's Family Fun Center-Poseidon's Peak & Playground-Ray Bay-Submarine Simulator-Touch Tank-Unearthing Atlantis


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