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Query about Selling via Celga in Japan

Hello all
I have a query about Celga- it is probably not completely lolita, and I am sorry! However, I think I may be able to get some good advice here, as many lolitas use Celga and may be familiar with the selling service. Celga offers a selling service for people outside Japan to sell stuff in Japan. Has anyone used it before? I have a BTSSB sk which hasn't sold on EGL sales and I am thinking of exploring the YJ option.  I also have a Tsumori Chisato skirt which is quite vintage but in ex con and am looking to sell it. I tried ebay and I don't think the bargain hunters on ebay are willing to pay a fair price for it. Please share if anyone has any experience with using Celga's selling service? What do you think of them and do you get your proceeds in good time after the sale? Thank you for any advice!!

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