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Macoto Takahashi?

o_o; I know this may not seem especially egl related to some, but in case you don't know, Macoto Takahashi is an artist who pretty well defined the boom of shojo style, and has been used more than a few times for cover and feature art by the Gothic Lolita Bible.

I just tried to find his page, formerly ? Because his annual gallery show in Ginza should be happening soon and I wanted to ask a friend if she could make it down there to buy me some postcards and such T_T But the page has been showing "Page Load Error" for over a week now. Does anyone know, was his page changed? Did he DIE?? O_O;;; Did something happen?? And alternatively, does anyone have any info about any of his gallery shows? All I can find are old clippings about showings in other cities from last year, or last year's show. He has a show every year at the Himawari in Ginza, which is actually a lil hole in the wall place, but I'd really like to get more art and postcards ._. And I hope he's not dead o_o; Although last time I saw him he was what, past 80? That's why I even include it as a possibility T_T Argh, can't even find any contact info except a phone number and I'm so not calling his studio internationally T_T;;;

All help appreciated, sorry if this is a bother!

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