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Anyone Going to Toronto Trek?

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Hi everyone, I've just recieved notice that my lolita panel idea was chosen for scheduling at Toronto Trek (TCON, as it's referred to now, http://www.tcon.ca) and I was wondering if there might be anyone in the area attending/willing to attend to help out.

So I'm structuring the whole thing like an introductory session. It's on the costuming track, so I'm assuming it's going to be mostly curious people wanting to know the basics. I think I'm pretty confident in my abilities to lead a good general lesson on the fashion, but I would love to have some other perspectives/outfits/examples. I have quite a few gothic lolita co-ords, but they're all offbrand/commission or Bodyline, so if anyone would help me out and come with some brand to show, especially sweet which I don't really own, that would be great. Obviously, if no-one can help out, I will have plenty of pictures on hand but I would love to showcase the diversity of the fashion in person with lots of other lolitas.

If you want to help with the panel, you can sign up with the programming committee via the website above (and get a hefty discount on your reg, but you should do it now because they're very close to being totally scheduled). They schedule stuff by panelist interest, so please do sign up. It's easy.

So far, these are the topics I'm thinking of covering. Please feel free to add your own suggestions.

Cosplay lolita versus Everyday Lolita
Lolita, Goth, and Aristocrat: How to distinguish between them
Basic Items of clothing and their key characteristics
Good lace versus Fail lace
How to buy online
How to spot good garment construction
Doing it yourself/budget solutions that don't epically fail
Networking with other lolitas
Lolita for guys

Thanks in advance for any help/concrit/advice!

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