Jeanine (j9isawesome) wrote in egl,

Fanime Fashion Show Reminder

ama_ningyo, venus_ivy and I will be hosting a panel at Fanime Con here in San Jose, going over lolita fashion that ends with a small fashion show showcasing each substyle.

Day- Saturday May 23
Time- 11am-1pm

We're still looking for more models. We're hoping to have 1-4 models for each style. Right now we have at least one model for each substyle but still have room for more in each.

Models must be-
*18 or over (exceptions may be made, please contact me)
*Have a Fanime Con pass(regular paid admission for that day)
*Willing to commit to the project. If you're not able to be in the show after all please let us know right away so we can find a replacement.
*Able to show up an hour before the panel to check in and rehearse

Substyles we'd like to include-
• -Sweet
• -Gothic
• -Classic
• -Casual
• -Aristocrat
• -Boystyle
Common themes we'd like to include-
• -Kuro/Shiro
• -Hime
• -Country
• -Sailor
• -Pirate
• -Steampunk
• -Wa/Qi Lolita
• -Guro Lolita

If you're interested please contact me (reply here, PM me or send me an email at with the following info-
1. Which sub-style(s) or theme(s) you’ll be wearing.
2. A photo of yourself in what you plan on wearing (or if you want to model but don't have your own outfit then a photo of yourself and your bust & waist measurements so we can try to find an outfit for you to borrow). If there are multiple outfits you’re choosing between or multiple sub-styles or themes you’d be willing to wear, feel free to include pictures of many outfits.

If you’d like to offer up some of your clothes for other girls who do not have their own to borrow during the fashion show please let me know. It would be super helpful if you could include photos of what you have to offer and measurements of each item.

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