princess_rikku (princess_rikku) wrote in egl,

japan stores doing yjapan shopping service?????

so im about to pay for my AP shipping from them when i see the big blinking sign that says combine shipping for lower rates, see our other stores and shops. So wth here i go looking around clicking randomly, getting some strange dvd section and an over priced fake lolita/cosplay section. 7200 yen for a cheap apron worn by a naked girl no thank you.

Any way then i see this

im not 100% sure of how it works yet, i emailed them with some questions but i though it was pretty neat that you can get all your things to the same place and ship it to yourself once you've got a nice hord.

just click on your language and it will translate all of yjapan for you, it also has "bidders" on there but i have never used that site before.

Has anyone used jpsoter yjapan shopping before or know how it works? Thanks in advance for your help.


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