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Customized rocking horse shoes

I made a post a while back, asking if anyone had ever customized their RHSs, and getting a few "No I haven't, but I'd like to see pics!" in response.
I bought a pair of wooden RHSs from someone online (off-brand, used once or twice before I got them). I was all over them because they were an excellent price, and they were actually my size (having bigger feet SUCKS). My biggest problem with them was that they were white, and I hardly wear anything that I can wear white shoes with, but, given the price, I figured I'd buy them and change that! I followed the tutorial linked here for the base part of the shoes (mostly, anyway).

Here are the shoes as I bought them:

As you can see, they had their imperfections. The white had various black marks, and the soles were marked up and had some water damage due to them being unsealed. Luckily, sandpaper and varnish fixes a lot! XD Anyway, I figured since I had to finish the wood, I'd do a bit of a design, play a bit. I'm not too crazy about it, I'm kind of wishing I would've picked something better, but I think it still looks cool now. Anyway, I figured the design I was going to do would be negative/lighter than the rest of the sole, so I did the design in varnish so the stain wouldn't cover it up.

I'm totally obsessed with cherry colored wood, and I don't think I've seen any RHSs with soles that color, so I went with that for my stain.

And here they are post-varnish. (You can't tell by the picture, but they're all shiny and protected now.)

And here they are, all prepped for the black floral spray paint. I also added a few little heart stickers (nail stickers, actually XD) as those were my negative design on the shoe itself, to be peeled off after the paint was put on.

The wood is all covered in masking tape, as well as tape along the inside of the shoes, holding onto grocery bags so the inside doesn't get sprayed. This actually worked really well for the inside of the shoe.

Here they are all painted, stickers removed, glazed, just waiting for the tape to be removed. Unfortunately, after removing the tape, I found that some of the paint managed to dribble under the tape, thus leaving the soles with a few black splotches. In hindsight, I'm really wishing I would've done the painting before doing the soles, as the paint is easily sanded off if the wood isn't finished yet.

And now I have a nice pair of RHSs that I'll actually wear, and that will be more protected when I wear them. ^^ They still have some minor imperfections, like the stickers weren't pressed down firmly enough before painting so they're a little fuzzy, and the issues with the paint on the soles.. But the good news is the imperfections are small enough to where it really doesn't matter that they're there. The only people who would notice them would be the people I really don't want looking that closely at my feet. ;)

Update! I wore these for a few hours a couple days after I posted this, and went to put them on a few days afterward and the paint is cracking already! See this post! Apparently I'm not the only one who has had this problem, and some people recommended respraying the shoes. I myself, because the soles are wood and already have dripped paint on them and I don't want more than what's already there, I probably won't respray them. Just a warning to anyone else who sprays their shoes, they'll probably crack after not much time, be prepared to respray!
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