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Question about Commissions

EDIT: THank you so much for all your opinions! I'm glad that I've gotten a sort of clear response, and very much appreciate the time you spent typing all this out, haha~ I've further looked over which ones I would even be interested in selling, and have come down to only two or three that I really like; I'm going to contact the owners individually and ask them if it would be alright, and like mentioned below, (and if they agree!) do a sort of limited-number print sort of thing~

♥ thanks, guys.

To those who've purchased an art commission from me in the past,

I've got an anime convention coming up this summer, and my artists alley table will be entirely lolita themed. There are some commissions that I've d

one that I really love, and would like to put up for sale on that table; would this be alright? I'm not sure if re-selling a commission I made for someone else is acceptable. I reason it would be, because technically I did the work, but then again, you paid for it, so I don't know if it's okay.

Thoughts? Opinions? *A* I just don't want to piss anyone off, haha~


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