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Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric]

A Study in Versatility

I'd like to introduce Heddy - full name Hedward. I picked Heddy up from Lincraft for 10% off because his face is rubbing off.

I covered a plain headband with eyelet lace and white ribbon. Pretty basic stuff.

And FINALLY got around to making my double headbow.

Both the bows are attached with a tiny bit of elastic. It's all about versatility. I used scraps of white fabric (double interfaced to make them stiff), braid and guipure lace.

The bows were made of three rectangles of varying lengths and widths. The middle one has lace and braid, the largest one (making the ends) have just lace, and the band pulling it all together just has braid. I hot glued the band together (couldn't be bothered stitching it), then hot glued a tiny bit of elastic so I can slip them on or off the headband as I wish.

Since it's Easter, I can finally get away with bunny ears!

I've never wired something like this before, but I'm working on a cosplay that will need it. So... practice makes perfect! These are wired with just one pipe cleaner down each side of the ear, but I do think they need to be doubled-up for extra strength.

To wire them, I stitched the ears right-side together, turned them inside out, pressed, then topstitched. I bent the ends on the pipecleaners back on themselves (to stop them catching on the seams), then slipped them through. The pink daisy lace is just something I've had lying around, and is hot glued over the seam where I sewed the pink fabric on.

Again, they're just attached by wrapping the end of the pipe cleaners around the headband. Once I double up on the pipecleaners, they should be pretty solidly (but not permanently!) attached.
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs

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