lolita_oneesan (lolita_oneesan) wrote in egl,

Fabric pattern project and a bunch of questions

This may be an odd post, but here it goes...
I had this crazy idea of designing a fabric pattern and getting it printed (either at spoonflower (I think that's their name) or at a local screen-printing place) and then commissioning a seamstress to sew a jsk of my design out of said fabric (as I cannot sew to save my life.) I have a few questions about this before I attempt it.
Here they are, in no particular order:
Has anyone ever done something similar, and if so, how did it go?
Has anyone ordered from spoonflower before, and what is their fabric quality like?
If I go the screen-printing route, will the screen printing ink add stiffness to the fabric?
Are there any other ways to add a pattern to fabric that might be easier?
When I go to a seamstress, do I have to provide her with a sewing pattern, or would a drawing of what I want combined with measurements suffice?  And lastly...
Does anyone know of a good seamstress in Florida (Orlando/Tampa/ Kissimee)? Or someone (anywhere) who does outstanding work?
Thank you!!

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