Lo (sweet_lottie) wrote in egl,

A question about the SS Tea party Replicas. - Answered, thanks so much!!

^_^ Hi all!

I just have a quick question about the tea party replicas. I'm torn between buying the traditionals, and these.

I have owned the traditional SS replicas already, but had to sell them immediately because they didn't fit. Now I'm finally ordering the shoes in the proper size... Now that I've taken a look at the other style SS offers, though, I'm having a difficult time deciding which shoe is a better fit for me (not size wise.)

I wear lolita on a daily basis, and sometimes have to tone it down a bit for certain events (business meetings usually), so the second replicas with the removeable bows are more appealing to me now. Still, I have two questions about the removeable bows that hopefully someone here, who owns these shoes, can answer!

1. Can the bow be attached to the front of the shoe (not just the straps) to look like the traditional tea party shoe without sliding off?
2. How strong are the clips? I'm afraid of losing the bows if I don't pay close enough attention. Do they slip off easily?

Thank you SO much and I'm sorry if I'm a bother. ^_^;
Lo <3 <3
Thank you all for your quick answers!

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