Mika (pyro_fae) wrote in egl,

Recieved Wrong Package from Miwitch

I've recieved someone's else's items from Miwitch.  I ordered in the January/February Lot.

I hope you don't mind, but I had to open them to see what the contents were.  And they are as follows:

A blue and green tartan longsleeve OP sized M with a mini hat.
A red tartan suspender skirt and vest sized M.

Does anyone have my package?  I ordered:
A black Arisu no Kuro OP with a shawl size L
A black stripes long sleeved blouse sized XL
A black Infanta underskirt

Please contact me right away if you've recieved a package like this!  This was my first time ordering anything loli from the Internet and my parents weren't very happy about it.  They would have just gotten over it if I recieved my items already but they've been paranoid about scams.
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