{ Ladiidaadee~ } (joymej) wrote in egl,
{ Ladiidaadee~ }

Hope a shallow kodona question is welcomed. >__<;

Hullo there~
I check this comm every once in a while, and I've really gotten into the kodona thing so I'm going to try it out. x:

I'm planning to sew or ask someone else (if my own skills fail me. D:) to sew/tie a detachable/adjustable kodona bow~
But then I has questions. >__<;

**Adjustable similar to these by the way


Anyhoo, so off to the bow part,

How do I make it? Do I sew it to make it look that way? Or do I simply cut some fabric to the shape of what I'm supposed to tie into a kodona bow? How would the shape of this fabric look like? And what method should I tie it?

Meep, lots of questions, and I'm quite new at this so pardon if the question's kinda silly. >__< If this has been asked before, please let me know!

I want these bows to look almost like these by the way:

(this one above is how I ideally want it to look @__@)

Thanks in advanced for the help. x:

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