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hime-loli hair styles?

I'm going to be a lovely little princess lolita for an upcoming fashion show at a con, and I'm wondering what to do on hair.
I was going to do something with my own hair, I have a hime cut with pretty long hair (almost half way down my back)  but now I decided to get a wig because I want VERY long hair and I just don't have it yet lol 
Sooo at first I was going to do a gyaru hair style, because I look really cute with it, but then decided that's not the look I want.
I am trying to decide if I want a straight hime style wig or a long curled wig with bangs. Which one do you think?
Also I have had my hair blonde before and it look great so I don't know weather to get a black wig or a blonde wig.

So the question is
Blonde or black?
Curls or Straight?

Btw I am wearing a white blouse and jsk
What do you think?

EDIT: So I think I found it!
it's not blonde, not black, but white lol

even tho my outfit is white I think it'll look great!
plust I have DARK DARK brown eyes (almost black) and black eyelashes, so I think it'll make my eyes 'pop' ?? either way I've always wanted to try white hair so here I go! I think I'll just brush it a tad to get a softer look but I really really LOVE it!

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