Xen B (xeniph_b) wrote in egl,
Xen B

Kirakirajenjen Review/Petti Advice?

Erm...this is my first time doing anything like this, so let me know if I need to add/take away anything.

No pics as of yet, because LJ is being stupid with 'em.

Communication: Excellent! Promptly got back to me, and even held my petti for me while I worked out some mail issues.
Shipping: Very good! Shipped fast once I got the address to her, and in an envelope that fit perfectly in my small mailbox!
Product: The petti is VERY floofy, which is what I wanted, made out of very stiff material. I struggled figuring out the drawstrings, but that's more because I'm a little knot-challenged than any fault of the petti. ^_^; The only real qualm I have with the petti is that I don't think I know how to wear it properly; I've seen pictures of others wearing it and they look like a cupcake, but when I put mine on my skirt stuck almost straight out like a tutu. Maybe I have to wear the petti a little higher (I was wearing it at waist same as my skirt, although it slid down a little), or is it made for a heavier than normal or classic skirt? If you have any advice on that, let me know. As of right now I'm not wearing it because of that little issue, while I like lots of poof, tutu is out. XP

(Are there tagging rules here in the main comm? Let me know.)

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