Neoqueenhoneybee (dear_mo) wrote in egl,

Idea for Lolitas Everywhere - Loli Cards

I don't know if something like this has been suggested already, but I thought it would be really cool if we all had loli cards. The card would be printed like a business card and act as an 'ID' for those we cared to give it to. This idea stemmed from me having a bad memory and wishing I had something with everybody's real and lj name with photo so I would know who they are next time I met them. (I always feel I give people the 'cold shoulder' when it's just me not remembering we've met before.)

Ideally the loli card would have:
A Photo (A good photo that we will be able to match with you.)
Real Name (first only)
LJ Name
Email Address
Website URL
Phone Number (If you want, I usually don't give out my phone number unless I know the person)

Or it could be double sided - the back side could have a full bleed bust shot of you in lolita and the front can have your information. (But your face should be very visible - the point is to associate your name with your face.)

Business cards can be printed online pretty easily for cheap.(like mini moo cards!) I think it'd be a great way to get to know lolitas everywhere; especially when we go to conventions and have once a year meet-ups. I'm gong to make one even if no one else does. ^^;;;

Edit: Or if you aren't loli and wan to make a jrock/takuya angel/aristocrat/steampunk/etc card, it'd still be great to have the information!
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