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Translation of the handbook to German

It took ages, but it’s finally online.
Don’t ask me how long ago I asked for permission to translate the famous lolita_handbook to German, as I had noticed that so many things that were said to German speaking beginners wouldn’t need to be said if they’d be able to read the handbook. So I started translating, got distracted by real life, translated again, had to wait ages until I found something who didn’t only said they would proof read it but would actually do it (thank you, Mirine!) and then it still waited on my boyfriend’s pile of things to do until he found the time to make a homepage out of it :)

Vor langer, langer Zeit habe ich um Erlaubnis gebeten, das lolita_handbook übersetzen zu dürfen. Ich habe also lange übersetzt, nochmal solange gewartet bis jemand korrekturlesen konnte und nochmal gewartet bis mein Freund Zeit hatte für die Homepage. Aber jetzt ist es hier um gelesen und verlinkt zu werden und hoffentlich auch nützlich zu sein.
Solltet ihr irgendwelche Fehler finden die wir übersehen haben oder anderes Feedback haben, freuen wir uns über Kommentare :)

Enough talked – here’s the German translation for the Lolita handbook to hopefully be read, linked to and be useful:
x-posted to egl, egl_europe and a few pages outside LJ.
Should you find any mistakes that we didn’t noticed or have any other feedback about it feel free to comment :)
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