cherishamoment (cherishamoment) wrote in egl,

the white peacock

Venice lace blouse **convertable sleeves** black, ya or nah?

so there is my story, I live down the street from a small gothic store that is also carries "lolita" things. the name of the store is "fetish falls" and they have SOME cute stuff there like really cute cupcake necklaces :) but the only line of lolita clothe they carry is "the white peacock."(and malco modes petties but that's another post) and I have seen/tried on there dresses and ooooo boy are they a fail. so I have only been going there to look at accessories and such until i stumbled upon this blouse I looked at it and the lace was thick and not itchy, unlike all of their dresses. so I tried it on and oh man this blouse was tailor fit for me, it fits ever curve and the space between the buttons don't try to open like when a blouse is too tight and I could easily lift my arms with out it tugging. The only thing I could say is the material seems thick and starched? but I am new to lolita, I mean I have never seen brand (or anything for that matter) in real life so I have nothing to compare.
so what I am asking is what do you think? does anyone own this blouse?
how does it compare to other off brand lolita, like Anna house, F+F and bodyline?

and another thing I KNOW that their dresses suck trust me, but this blouse seems different, and it just that I have an event Easter weekend and I need a black blouse so to not have to deal with shipping is nice.(and p.s I used the search function and it seems they scared everyone away with their dress b.c I could not find a review on their blouse)

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