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Copying brand design?

I tried doing an EGL search on this, but came up with nothing, so here we go;

How do you feel about copying brand designs? I'm not talking about Bodyline or F+F making replicas of Angelic Pretty etc. but just a regular girl, seing a design she likes and making her own replica of that?
I'm not sure how I feel about it myself... I've never made a replica before, but lately I'm finding myself wanting myself this skirt and I have some materials home, so in theory I could do it.
I dunno, I'm normally very against any direct copying. I'm an artist myself, and I hate art theft and calling someone else's design your own.
I would never go and copy a members own design ( like, I love the loli-with-t-rex print a member made not long ago, but I'd never dream of making it myself) but then, is it any different to copy off a brand design? Is it all about whether or not you're making any money on copying a brand? (it's ok if it's just for yourself, but if you intend to make it for sale, then it's wrong etc.)

Yeah anywho, I hope I was clear enough in my question.

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