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How do you define lolita?

Was just browsing some indie lolita brands tonight, and I noticed a lot of them experiment/take risks with the traditional lolita silhouette (form fitting top and voluminous bottom) and placement of details. It got me thinking on how I would define lolita, so I'd like to ask all of you here the same.

I'd love you to hear your thoughts on:
1) What aspect do you think most qualifies a garment as lolita or having lolita potential? Would you say silhouette, materials, details like bows, lace, ruffles, etc.? Or something more abstract like a girly/cute/elegant vibe or sense of the past? Looking for just one aspect here, but feel free to list more.

2) Do you think your opinion from question 1 would change from seeing it on a website/in a shop window to seeing it in person?  Why and what factors are dependant on your opinion (e.g. good coordination, flattering or unflattering to person's body type, etc.)?

3) Do you consider yourself a more traditional or somewhat avant-garde lolita? Does your opinion on this differ between what you like to wear and what you enjoy seeing on others?

: As for silhouttes, details etc, I was thinking more in relation to ones that you see often or have been around in lolita for a long time versus ones that are fairly new or might be borderline loli.

Personally, I think the silhouette is most important, but I'm open to other styles. I love seeing different interpretations of loli, whether I think they would be a good fit for a lolita meetup or not. I would also hope that any non-traditional loli outfit is at least well matched and suits that person's body type 'cause lolita needs care to pull off well D:

Thanks in advance! >(:3

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