cochinealregret (cochinealregret) wrote in egl,

ring sizing question

ring too big

My boyfriend got me a pretty silver ring, it's not really lolita (it's not un-lolita either), but I'll be wearing it with all of my outfits. Silver is my metal of choice generally anyway. But the problem is it's a little too big. It fits on my middle finger, but thats where I put my "you cannot deny this is lolita" rings. So I want to wear it on my ring finger.
It's currently a 9, and I think I need a 7. (I know this is strange but I think it is somewhere between 6.5 and a 7)
Well, let me cut to the point. We've discussed resizing it, and it's still an option, but I have heard about other do-it-at-home tricks, but haven't found much info on the web.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Also I've heard of these clear rubber "rings" you can wear inside of them, but that's a hard search and I can't seem to find what they are called.
I know it isn't a loli-emergency, so delete if inappropriate.

Thanks for any and all help!

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