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Good afternoon, everyone! I've just got a quick question today.

At the moment, I'm about seven weeks pregnant, so have not yet started to show too much. However, I'm attending an event in August, and thought that before I have the baby, I'd like to wear a really over the top sweet lolita outfit. At that time though, I'll be seven months gone, and pretty big.

Have any of you managed to fit into Lolita at this stage, particularly brand? What kind of dress did you find was the most comfortable/flattering? I was thinking empire-waisted, but then I wondered if the bump would pull up the dress at the front and make it too short. Does shirring still feel restrictive in later pregnancy, or does it feel okay? The reason I ask so soon is because I'm wanting to make a start on buying the outfit, so I'm looking at what will be best.

Having looked through the memories and used the search function, I was able to find a lot about having children and wearing Lolita, but not actually wearing it during pregnancy, so I hope some of you can advise! Thank you to anybody who can!
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