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Cali Polka dot day


OKay so it seems all the lolita's up north are having all the fun~ We need more meet ups in LA! 
so here it is!
Polka Dot day!

When: Saturday April 4th

Where: The Getty Villa 

Time:12 pm-4pm (or whenever we decide to ditch the place) if you are attending please reserve your ticket's ASAP I can not stress this enough! Even if your not sure please reserve them for the new time which is 12:30
here is the direct link that will only take a moment

Why:Cause polka dot's are awesome so everyone wear them!

What to bring: Let's make it a picnic! Everyone bring something~
(and please just not sweets ^_^')

**note please let me know if you are allergic to ANYTHING (even people) so i can make a list just so other's know)**
Allergies-unravelingsky andcarbonidiot is allergic to Nuts
for exmple: almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. etc.

Note: PEANUTS ARE NOT NUTS[ apparently] (they are legumes) so they can eat them...
Also it seems you have to make reservations to go there so i would like a full head count by monday-tuesday so i can get the tickets and if their are any changes there will be enough time throughout the rest of the week to figure things out.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me through comment or PM. This will be fun guest are more than welcome though i would like them to be wearing polka dots too. I'll give everyone my cell number once i know whose going.

Also if you could give rides  to others please let me know.

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Please lets make this successful~ ;_;

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