alligatorjuice (princess_eowyn) wrote in egl,

is this unreasonable to ask a seamstress?

i figured i'd ask in here before posting a wtc on the sales community, just in case this really is too tall an order (no pun intended).

i need a bxw blouse or cutsew for a meetup in ~3 weeks. problem is, i'm not going to get one that fits unless i commission it. i'm a bit - what are we calling it now? lovely sized? yeah, i'm that. :D now, you're probably wondering why i've waited so long, when i've known about this meetup for weeks (i'm the one organizing it). i just didn't have the funds before this week (and, in fact, i still won't have them for another day or two).

so, here's the question - if i were to post a wtc for a bxw detachable-sleeve blouse/cutsew that fits my ample measurements (42" bust, 34" waist, 14" shoulder-to-shoulder, 17" back neck to waist), could i expect to find a seamstress who could do so by the second week in april? or is three weeks not enough time?


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