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3/21/09 Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon and Bacon Camp

This past weekend myself(frozenemotion9 ),mint_cake ,miffytoki ,pinafore and her husband,venus_ivy ,pawteegal ,and Erica got together for a lovely afternoon of tea at Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon in San Francisco followed by Baconcamp.

We saw Crown and Crumpet online and couldn't resist (I mean look at it!):

Inside, we were greeted by their cute menu and specially made tea sets for Crown and Crumpet themselves !

pinksweetlolita and myself :)

awesome necklace showcase!!


Pinafore and her husband

Erica and Miffytoki

...okay you may notice at this point that some of our girl's coordinates might seem a bit out of place...they have been out of lolita temporarily for awhile so we decided to "help" them a bit by lending them some of the newest Angelic Pretty fashions :p hopefully you can barely tell ~_^


Pawteegal getting ready for her tea ~


And inside group photo :)!


a yummy buttered crumpet

Ashley enjoying a yummy pink mini cupcake ^^!


Look at this cute tea cozies they gave us for our tea!
Pawteegal picked the yummiest chocolate mint tea for that day ;3!!

After eating the yummy food ( I recommend their scones and tea 110%!!) we went over to their store and oohed and ahh'd over all the cute things they had. We went nuts over their mushroom themed items!

The swag I walked away with (mushroom mug, candy bracelet, and kitty necklace)

Pinsweetlolita's swag ("let them eat cake" print, strawberry tape measure, candy, and strawberry necklace!!)

Pawteegal was smart and stayed away from the gift store...where the rest of us ended up using the rest of our cash on hand =_=!

Frances then led us outside on her pony to take more photos!^^

come on say it with me: "Aaaaawwww"

Miffytoki was sad because her friend was late...not because her clothes looked odd on her or anything like that. Luckily her friend arrived shorlty after!

This is Miffytoki's friend Maki from Japan.. o_o
but they were soo picky they decided to switch outfits after a minute.

then Maki had to leave shortly to go back to Japan or something. oh well too bad she seemed like such a nice girl.

Then we took out group picture outside of the tea house^^! The owner was nice enough to take it for us~ she is soo nice!

After tea we headed over to Baconcamp!
A lovely tribute to all things bacon- barcamp style!

On our way in we had our choice of bacon buttons to have!

We found a myriad of bacon foods there!
Here is Pawteegal trying to eat the bacon egg sculpture ;(

a list of some of the foods

Sweet Bacon Pecan Pie - it wasn't half bad! There was also bacon chocolate cupcake- the chocolate overpowered the bacon taste ;/.

Bacon pancake mix ???


another bacon sculpture- a cube thing!?!

they had free drinks there- BRAWNDO drinks! (it tastes like skittles!)

The person preparing his chicken fried bacon mmMmmm

Erica eating his delicious creation. Many of us agreed this was the best dish!

A man preparing his chicken bacon dish!

"I won't eat all your bacon ^_^!"

We left full of bacon and happy!

Thanks for looking!

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