sian faye (girlmeetsrobot) wrote in egl,
sian faye


  Hello everybody. :} Since I'm pretty sure you lovely ladies (and gents!) are capable of leading me to the right rabbitholes, I'd like to ask you a few questions, since my family and I are visiting korea (Seoul) this vacation.

1.) I'm going to be shopping in the Myeong Dong / Doosan Tower areas. Any particular stores to watch out for? (Of course I'm talking about stores that sell anything remotely gothic/lolita/interesting in general.) (Does Rose Chocolat still have a concrete store/still exist?)

2.) Are there any pretty shows to catch, like operas or orchestras or cultural shows I can go see? Or any beautiful siiiiights to see? :}

Of course, I ask these questions in relation to egl, sooo yep. Thank you guys! :D
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