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Mad Hat-Making Party!

I already posted this on greatlakesloli, but then I worried that everyone might not see it. We're still working out the details, but as of right now we're planning on holding it in mid-April in Garden City, MI.

I'm part of an artists' coalition of sorts in Garden City, called Art aRound Town. We were discussing off-the-wall fund raising ideas, and it was mentioned that one of the women there wore funny hats with her friends when out hunting at flea markets to better identify them in a crowd. Thus the mad hat-making idea was born.

Since I do a lot of sewing and such, I was elected to host the party. We're still working out the details, but there's potential for one fund raising party to become a series of classes, depending on local interest. Starting in mid-April, we'll have tables of fabric, trimmings, ribbons, flowers, and a selection of patterns to make hats from scratch! A lot of our materials are vintage, found by a woman who frequents estate sales and snatches up craft supplies, broken jewelery, etc... She's the recycling sort of artist. ;) I'm taking care to make sure that this will be a project that people who have never sewn before can come in, learn, and have lots of fun.

Again, details aren't set in stone just yet, but I'm thinking that we'll be charging a $10 to $15 entry fee, and it'll go all afternoon. And while you're there, anything you make will be yours to keep! There will be tea and cakes for snacks, too, to go along with our Alice-inspired name.

It's going to be at Maxwell's Arts and Treasures, in Garden City MI. Here's their website; updates will be posted both here in this comm and on the website, or you can just message me if you have any questions.

I would LOVE to see a bunch of ladies walk out at the end of the day in top hats, head-eating bows, and other lacy loli-able confections.

Comment and let me know if there's anyone interested.

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