Lindsay (pinkdog) wrote in egl,

Angelic Pretty English Website - Updated Review

When I was planning to buy from the AP English site, I could only find old (and rather depressing) reviews from its opening. So, now that I'm a successful buyer, I thought I'd give an update. Short version: It's better!

I order my item, a Lady Rose JSK, on March 4th.
I received a confirmation/invoice for my order on March 6th. (2 days later)
I wasn't actually able to pay for my order until March 9th (waiting for money to clear in Paypal).
The order arrived in the delivery center March 12th (3 days later)
The item shipped on March 15th (3 days later).
And I received it in standard EMS time, 3 days later.

So, what all that means, is that from order to arrival (minus my added time waiting to pay), it only took 11 days for the process to finish, less than two weeks!
No more month long waits!
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