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BODY LINE Review - New OPs

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I ordered the new OP from Bodyline last Saturday and it arrived very speedily in just two days. I also got the plain blue OP as well but I have not taken any photos of it. It's a nice sax blue (More like the blue that Meta uses) Sorry for the quality of these photos. They were quick snapshots I took in my mirror. I edited out the background, because I had just done laundry and it was taking over ^^;; It also could use more ironing. This dress was VERY worth the price I purchased it at (although the price went back up, honestly this dress is worth as much as a simple dress from Meta or AP in terms of look!) Yes...I'd like a hybrid replica.

-For being Bodyline the quality was surprisingly very nice. I would compare it to the quality of Meta or Anna House with the visual appeal of Angelic Pretty in terms of fabric weight, fit and colour. Think basic dress / lucky pack simple dress.
-The heart pockets actually hold stuff. This is a plus because I have some AP dresses with "pockets" and they don't hold a thing very well. I fit my cell phone and my hands can rest here.
-The waist ties are a good length. There is also a side zipper that is very sturdy for getting in and out, although I find that pulling it over my head works too, since it is fully shirred.
-The material is a good weight, the scallops are consistent and nicely rounded out.
-The ruffled underskirt "bustle" is finished with a small, tightly rolled hem which makes it light weight, yet adds lots of body to the scalloped overlay. I have removed one of the ruffles from the bottom because I was too long on me. ( I am 5 feet tall)
-It is all cotton and perfect for the Spring! I wore the dress out for few hours the other day and even in the Texas heat (78 Fahrenheit) it was comfy!
-The back contains a fully shirred panel, so it fits very nicely on the bust as well. I would say that if you can fit into a full back-shirred AP dress, you can fit into this. (Could accomodate a little larger than the measurements listed on the website) The elastic on the arms is nice, because it fits my larger arms.
-Has no liner. I don't really require one, but some of you ladies do.
-Max measurements are 42" for bust. (Flat I got 21inches) Waist was stopped at 38" I don't think it could stretch any more, but I may be wrong.

Overall, I would say this dress is a straight 5/5. The colour is great, the fit is comfortable, construction very nice! If you need any additonal photos, I can take some this evening. Feel free to ask any questions about it as well, if I haven't covered everything. I've never written a garment review before. Oh yes, and the bow I am wearing was by imour,the socks are Bodyline (AP replica), and the shoes are Secret Shop just in case anyone asks.
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