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Review for Dear Celine Taobao store & mashimaro_girl shopping service

I'm sure some of you have heard of Taobao and the lolita shops that are found on the website such as Surface Spell and Secret Shop. I decided to look on Taobao mainly because I like Surface Spell but to buy from Taobao you need a shopping service. I found a shopping service that had just been launched by mashimaro_girl.
Mashimaro_girl has a list of lots of Taobao lolita stores in their journal so you don't have to search yourself, after looking through some of these I came across Dear Celine. What I liked was that their designs are original and not replicas although some are obviously influenced by brand.
I will review Dear celine first and then Mashimaro_girls shopping service

Dear Celine review
This is the store Dear Celine

I decided to order this dress, its called the Cinderella JSK

Ordering details
The items are made to order and they are available in small, medium or large, all measurements were listed so that was very helpful. I think they also do custom size as well. You have to allow 15 working days for them to make the clothes for you, I was a bit concerned about this part thinking it could take longer but I received my jsk about 4 weeks after I placed the order which I thought was pretty good.
My dress was packed in a plastic wrapper and then put in a small box, it arrived without any problems.
Quality & price
I paid 280 sorry correction 358 Yuan which is about $50 and I thought that was a great price. I wasn't sure what to expect quality wise but I would say it is definatley better than any of my Bodyline items. The fabric was good quality as well as the lace and the dress was fully lined too. The fit is true to size as well and my jsk looks like the stock photo except for a small ribbon bow which my dress doesn't have.

my dress

Overall rating
Production time 4/5
Packaging 4/5
Quality 5/5
Price 5/5

Mashimaro_girl review

I would highly recommend Mashimaro_girl's shopping service to anyone looking to buy from Taobao. They have put together a list of good lolita stores that can be found on Taobao so its really easy to find something you like.
The shopping service had only just been lauched when I placed my order and so I was impressed with their quick replies to my order enquiry. The commision fee is 15% which I think is very reasonable, the only downside is EMS shipping which is expensive but then it always is so it wasn't unexpected.

Overall rating
Communication 5/5
Fees 5/5
Shipping 4/5

I hope you find this useful
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