tsuciek (tsuciek) wrote in egl,

outfits inspired by kuroshitsuji

hello everyone~
this is my first time posting here, my name's Marta~ nice to meet you all!
i'm interested in lolita fashion for a year now, i'm still discovering new things about it ^^

sorry if such post was already made or it's not allowed to post sth like that.. let me know and i'll delete it!

i would like to ask you one question about lolita outfits inspired by manga/ anime kuroshitsuji, because recently i became a huge fan of this title and i found this news (maybe some of you know already) and i was wondering if any of you have more photos of such outfits inspired by this anime or maybe you have some links to similar news or anything connected to it. i'm gathering information about it and i would be very grateful for any help!~

sorry for my bad english! *bows*

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