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Inspiration to the people (hopefully X3 )

Mods, if this is too weird, feel free to delete.

Anywho, I love collection coordination photos, especially when AP posts coords at their blog. Anywho, on the danish lolita forum, I started a coord game, for people to practice their coordination skills and get inspiration from others. Well, I thought I'd post a few of those I've made already together with links to the various items I've used.

The whole thing started out pretty simple, with me only browsing brand pages, but after my first entry, I realized that it was much more fun to choose one or two central brand pieces, and put together the coord with offbrand stuff.

I hope this will be great inspiration to everyone. It was definitely alot of fun to do (even if it's a bit time consuming XD )
This can also be a very different way of presenting various loli-able finds ^_^


Everything is from Angelic Pretty
Necklace - Rose Darling (my own brand)
Shoes - Linglam

Cardi - H&M

JSK - Fan+Friend
Stockings - Falke
Shoes - H&M
Brooch - Tarina Tarantino
Headbow - Fan+Friend
Shoe bows, bag, necklace and parasol - Baby the Stars Shine Bright

JSK: Fan+Friend
Cardi: Gina Tricot
Urban Outfitters
Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Rose earrings, spoon necklace, watch necklace and bow wristwatch: Urban Outfitters
Brooch: Rose Darling (my own brand)
Shoes, bag and heartshaped sunglasses: Topshop

JSK: www.metamorphose.gr.jp (with added bows)
Blouse: www.annahousefashion.com
Cardi: www.ginatricot.com (with added bow)
Socks: www.metamorphose.gr.jp
Beret: www.hatshopping.com (with added bow)
Necklace: www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk
Bag: www.metamorphose.gr.jp
Shoes: www.onedayinparadise.com.au

PS: Everything here was put together in GIMP a free graphics software. I know of Polyvore, but so far I find it easier and more fun to just use GIMP, dunno why though :3
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