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Gothloli + prom = ...?

Okay so my boyfriend told me that this club around here is having a "gothic prom", and I totally want to go Lolita for it. Problem is, I'm not really sure what Lolita items would quite fall under both the gothic and prom categories.
I'd prefer to make something from scratch, as opposed to trying to find something and alter it (this goes for ordering something online too, I don't want to have to work around ordering something and time restraints, as it's about a month away). I'm also a little on the bigger side (not too much, just enough to be horribly inconvenient), so no babydolls or anything that would make me look preggers. XD My hair will probably be pink at the time, and my glasses are pink, so I'll probably have a black/pink color scheme, and I'd prefer something long, but I'm flexible.
I'm also looking for makeup and hair tips if anyone has any ideas (currently no bangs, thick, naturally curly/frizzy, shoulder length hair).

Any suggestions?
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