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Sheep [art] + lolita fundraising!

Hello EGL,

i bring you, sheep lolita

**now for the main topic: Fundraising
currently I am helping a fundraising event for a small group of participants for the AIDS/LifeCycle 8; a 7 day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise funds and awareness for AIDS/HIV services, prevention, and more.

here's the link to the event site:

**so how does this relate to lolita?
I am offering artwork for a small donation starting at $3 :)
I will take 10 requests at a time
Thanks for so many interests!!! I'll try to keep this going every weekend until the event :)

I love drawing people, especially frilly girls!
that said, I would like to offer simple sketches at $3 donation to the event.
All proceeds will go to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation ( via the AIDS LifeCycle event.

here are some samples I did, of some of my friendslist on LJ :)
(i hope they dont mind!... click for full size)


I can also do full-body miniatures like the sheep above for $5~
as well as printable size (large files) for a little more.
my larger gallery is here:

if you're interested, comment here with your contact email address, and what you want drawn.
once finished, I will email you a small sample and payment is due at that time.

there are two payment options.
1) Non-CC Paypal to me - no fees. direct transfer
2) Credit card Paypal to me - I will need to have you cover fees

once paid, I will send you the larger file :)

finally, if you know anyone or any company that is interested in tax deductible donations, please lead them this way~

thanks for reading this!!
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