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♣ momo aslkddjfjdkfjsbdsfd;;

bodyline review request.

So, prom's coming up, right? All of my friends are buying 300 dollar dresses they'll only wear once. Since I usually spend about that much money on dresses - which I do not wear once - I have a difficulty going out to JCPenny or wherever to buy that stuff, so I thought I'd go cheap and try out something new.

I've never done wa-loli before, so does anyone have any information on this two-piece? Any and all gruesome details would be nice, like is it really warm, or does the fabric breathe? Zippers, shirring, what? Fabric quality, is the picture true to color? Any information I could get would be great; this is my first prom, and I'd like for the clothes I wear to be semidecent stuff, y'know?

edit: 'round about way of saying economic recession prevents me from dropping 200-300 dollars on anything I'm gonna wear just once >>;
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