Lesley (evilcatsterer) wrote in egl,

RHS questions...

I bought a pair of rocking horse shoes from someone online, and they need a little bit of work (used, bought them for the size/price).

First thing's first, they're a little bit too snug. I mean, I can wear them, and given how walking is in these things, the shoe doesn't really rub or anything, but they're still just a tad too tight. Has anyone ever tried stretching RHSs before? (They're wooden soles, if that helps at all.) I was browsing online and I saw a bunch of home fixes (freezing water in them--wouldn't that affect the glue? Is that okay for the wood?), spraying the insides with alcohol and wearing them till they're dry, buying a shoe stretcher (which I really don't want to do), and then of course taking them in and getting them increased at a cobbler. Have you guys tried any of these? How much to they generally charge to stretch shoes? And being that they're wooden soles, which don't stretch, will stretching the base of the shoe affect how well it's sticking to the wood?

Second! The other problem I have with the shoes is that they're white, and I don't wear any white. So, I plan to dye them! I got recommended a few tips (most common, find some dye for leather). I was considering maybe doing some sort of design on them, and possibly the soles too as they're unsealed. Has anyone ever customized their RHSs? I was thinking of dying them black, and leaving like little hearts in white or something, and possibly doing something with the sole, staining in a design or something. If anyone's ever customized theirs, please post pics! I'd love to see what you've done!

Thanks in advance ^^<3
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