princess_rikku (princess_rikku) wrote in egl,

Looking for Chaostie???

NOT calling you a scammer or anything like that, just wondering where you are since you wont respond to my comments or PM's

I participated in a USA bodyline go she ran on Feburary 3rd
I paid as soon as I was invoiced (i ordered a cutsew 11$  and skirt 18 i believe?) and the order was sent out around the 8th i believe.
The items came from bodyline and I was invoiced around the 13th for shipping from her to me, first 11, then 12.50, then 15. I was confused by this and asked her why $15 in the US USPS shipping?  She said it was the flat rate for a priority box and it was what everyone had to pay. This was not included in the post she made for the go but since no one else had said anything i didn't want to be a bother and said I would pay as soon as I put more money in my paypal.  It went through and on the 19th I paid.
Then on the first about a week and a half later, since my items had not arrived yet I inquiered about them and she replied that my items had been shipped out later becaues i took longer to pay, (i understand that, but it has still been almost 2 weeks from when i did pay.) and that she had said this in othere comments. I searched and for the life of me could not find these other comments on this page ???? you can try here She mentioned that if it was a large amount it was not shipped priority but she would enquier at the post office and see.  I told her i had nothing big, thank you and let me know. She never responded and I though perhaps it was because of my wording, so on the sixth of March i asked how it went at the post but she never responded, so the next day I PMd her and still 4 days later nothing, nothing. I'm not upset and hope you are not bothered. I just really want my things. its been a while since I paid and just want to talk. PM me or just post back, thank you. :) 
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