The Catnip Station (wiredkittie) wrote in egl,
The Catnip Station

Chicago Meet Up: March 21rst

Join us for our last meet before Anime Central!

Show Up in Cosplay , J Fashion, SteamPunk, ect ! We will be touring Navy Pier and taking Photoshoots. Even if you don't have anything specific to wear, you are more than welcome to come.

Navy Pier:

Public Transportation Info:



4-5: meet n' greet near the IMAX THEATER
5-6: tour and photoshoots
6-7: break for dinner and misc.
7-9: finish tour and photoshoots

Please RSVP by March 18th: send email to:
In the Subject line, please enter "confirm"

Thank you!
We hope to see you all there =^.^=

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