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Poll 2: How many of each do you own?

Hi Ladies,

Last week's poll sure did stir up some good debate! I will be posting an in depth analysis of the the results some time this week. It was more data than I was able to analyze in one day as the response rate was tremendous!

Anyhow, for this week's poll, I must apologize beforehand. I lied when I said all the polls will be short. This week, the poll is a little longer but hopefully will be a lot of fun for everyone!

For each category, enter the number of items you own. This might take a while so I suggest doing this survey in more than 1 sitting. I also suggest printing this poll out and marking it up while looking through your closet.

Note 1: You should only mark items you physically can touch. Items that you have purchased and is on its way doesn't count. Items you used to have doesn't count. Items you are selling or have sold doesn't count. Items you lent to a friend doesn't count. You must be able to touch it to count it.

Note 2: If an item falls into more than 1 category, then count it in the category that best fits. Do not count the item more than once. For example, boots that are also platforms should be counted only once in boots OR once in platforms (not both).

Note 3: If you don't own a certain item, please enter 0 for that item instead of just skipping it!

Note 4: This poll includes brand, offbrand, homemade. Anything you consider lolita will count!

These notes are important as they help protect the integrity of the data.

Thanks for participating everyone!

Poll #1362677 Poll 2: How many of each do you own?

Lolita Socks: Over the knee

Lolita Socks: Under the knee

Lolita Socks: Tights

Shoes: Boots

Shoes: Flats (Mary janes, Tea Party)

Shoes: High Heeled

Shoes: Platforms

Outerwear: Cardigans / Boleros

Outerwear: Capes / Capelets

Outerwear: Coats / Jackets

Innerwear: Petticoats

Innerwear: Bloomers

JSK's: Floral

JSK's: Solid

JSK's: Print

JSK's: Patterned (polka dot, tartan)

OP's: Floral

OP's: Solid

OP's: Print

OP's: Patterned (polka dot, tartan)

Skirts: Floral

Skirts: Solid

Skirts: Print

Skirts: Patterned (polka dot, tartan)

Tops: Cutsews

Tops: Long Sleeved Blouses

Tops: Short Sleeved Blouses

Tops: Detachable Sleeved Blouses

Tops: Turtleneck

Pants (Boystyle)

Hair Accessories: Center Bows (ie. Head eating bows)

Hair Accessories: Side Bows

Hair Accessories: Rectangular Headdress

Hair Accessories: Round Headdress

Hair Accessories: Other Shaped Headdress (Heart / diamond, etc.)

Hair Accessories: Berets

Hair Accessories: Hats (Tricorn, Mini, Top, Side, Straw, etc.)

Hair Accessories: Hair Ties

Hair Accessories: Hair Combs

Hair Accessories: Hair Corsage

Purses: Ones that have handles (Totes / Handbag)

Purses: Ones that you sling (Sidebag)

Purses: Ones that you carry (Clutches)

Other: Lolita items not listed above. The best format for this would be this: Shoe clips - 5; Earrings - 10; etc.

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