Victoria (crazisilverange) wrote in egl,

March 7


So i'm going to be writing this in my point of view
Those who don't already know my face in this community
Hi I'm Viki nice to meet you
^_^ after leaving Vancouver Elegance in the cold I decided to set it on fire
Nit picked my girls, for the lolitas with awsome personalities, I can't have party poopers right? =P
I baked cupcakes inside icecream cones and held a decorating contest at my house
Winner (Joanna) received a 16" silver chain and silver locket

IF you read the captions you'll find out the names of each girl and their outfits XD

Here is where the story begins

I'm the one in bright brown hair, I picked up the girls in the morning, and didn't bother dress up till everyone was busy with decorating
Joanna, the winner, is opposite of me in Innocent World

Here is Brianne ^_^ In her homemade loli outfit! apparently waterproof too XD!

Hello Joanne in beautiful Innocent world dress and offbrand blouse?

I made this one, simple and cute ^_^

In the pink is Helena in her bodyline OP
Next to her in the cream flower print bodyline op is Christy

our one and only boy Martin!

Helena with her hair flat, later on in the pictures you see it poofed up by none other me T_T and she saids its hideous !

Christy why do you look so sad ?

Martin's cupcake with malteser inbetween pocky sticks that look like some kinda roach crawling on it

Nakita Dandy with pink bunny  Patricia white bunny punk lolita

Decorating her secound cupcake St. Patricks Day

look poofy hair!

Martin ! did you fall asleep or are you pretending to look extra kool XD?

Finally last cupcake by Shannon in Gothic Princess loli from Spider

Up for judging by voting!

re-arranging for voting a secound time since there was a draw

Why celebrities do not eat outside or near photographers XD Enjoy~! Nakita Patricia Martin

Christy Shannon Joanna Helena Davonna

Davonna and Martin
Having fun wtih my wine^^?

Brianne ^_^ custom crown by her that never fell out of her hair XD defys gravity!

This is when I go do my hair and make up and shoo them off to take pictures outside which the sun just came out after hailing on us @#%@#$

Christy Shannon and Nakita

Finally able to see Patricia's full out fit which is very super cute XD

Group Photo with out me TT_TT

Geez... Martin and Shannon should jsut be a couple

^^ they look like the bible street snaps

Since I took forever to do hair and make up they dubbed me Queen Viki

All of us now head off to the banks to get money and get sushi!!!!


Afterwards it was late we all split
But me Helena Shannon and Martin went to take Sticker PICS XD

Finally end of the day
So I leave you with a picture finally of me XD Queen Viki MUWHAHAHA





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