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Lolita Expo in Osaka 3/01

On Sunday I went to a lolita indies brand market day "Aldila" in Osaka. There were a lot of small brands there, but I didn't have much money to buy stuff so I just got some accessories in the end.

At home (before making my bed, LOL)

I love my new Meta Alphabet Print dress! I got the matching socks like 4 years ago and have been looking for the dress ever sinceX_x;;

Yay for matching-nessXD

The fair cost 500-yen to get in, and there were supposed to be some prizes you could win but I never figured out when or when you could go into the draw for them>_>;; You couldn't take pictures inside, but there were mainly jewellery and accessories being sold, in every style from sweet to gothic to otome. There was still a lot of sweet's jewelry, and more people imitating Angelic Pretty's style than before. The majority was gothic and classic I think though. There was more than one booth with some guys selling cat ears... which was kinda weird^^;; The prices on most things were quite cheap compared to the major brands, and the quality wasn't half bad either. I would have bought more if I could have found things in colours I needed (What? Magenta and light green aren't popular?!)

A sweets brooch I bought at the fair from an indies brand Meli-Melo.

I bought this from up-and-coming brand "Chantilly". They are now sold in Atelier Boz shops (the designer used to work for Angelic Pretty and BtSSB).

And these I actually bought from Angelic Pretty later on... they aren't on the website yet, but they are meant to go with the Miracle Candy series. I'm probably going to sell them though because I found the dress I bought them to go with is too short on me (but that's a whole 'nother story).

Purikura!! I'm wearing a cape there, but it's hard to see...

While I was out in the city, I got way more reactions than usual... some people yelled out "Pretty girl!" in English, the usual lot yelled "Kawaii!" and "It's Alice!"..... but also for some reason at least two people said "Hey, it's Cinderella" and I was like WTFBBQ??? O_o;; .........Japan^^;;

JSK: Metamorphose
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Queen Bee
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Cape: XelynaXD;;
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