hikasita (hikasita) wrote in egl,

Bodyline votations!

Well ^^ votations from the bodyline design contest have started.

How to vote:
1-Firstly you have to go to the webpage http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/ 
and write your mail in the white space,then press submit.
2-Now go to your hotmail account /yahoo or what you use, you have received an invitation to vote!
3-Click on the link that they give you or copy and paste it. You can vote 5 designs.
4-If you copy and paste it again you have other 5...and more and more if you do it frequently..xD
5- Designs are organized on that way: with more votes at first pages, with less votes at end pages.
6-Some people do false mails accounts in order to vote theirselves...
7-People that has not vote theirselves are at last page xDD (I'm there wiiii xD)

Hope you enjoing voting^^ I have seen cute designs with carrousels and more cute thinks and I've in love with one called pink dots or something like that...is so lovely and I would like to meet the artist =3.
That's all^^ think that what you vote is what they are going to sell and that not only the colored drawings are nice, and sometimes that one that you look as horrible with bad lines when you see it in big is really original =) not all people nows how to use photoshop XP
Bye bye =) and good luck to all participants.
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