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Working lolita picture request~

So I checked the memories and did a search and couldn't find another post similar...

For the girls who wear lolita (or maybe even boystyle) to work can you please post some pictures of something you'd wear on a normal working day? I've been thinking about wearing lolita to my job because I kinda hate wearing pants and I'd love some inspiration. ^^;;

Also, I would like to hear some opinions on some cute comfortable shoes; shoes that you personally find comfortable (But I'm especially curious about the Secret Shop Tea Party replicas, and how they'd fare for standing for 4 hours or more, also any boots).

Thanks in advance. :3

EDIT: I work in retail at a children's clothing store.  We're allowed to wear mostly black and no prints or logos, and we are allowed to wear other colors as long as they are layered with something black over them.  But I still would like to see anything you guys have to offer!
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