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Watching The Watchmen Meet Up - Saturday March 7th 2009


NYC Lolita's, it's time to be watchin The Watchmen !

To All NYC Lolita's
You are invited to the infamous, amazing and jaw-dropping
Watching The Watchmen Meet Up

Date: Saturday March 7th 2009

Meeting Place:
Midtown Comics Time Square
200 W.40th Street
New York,NY 10018

Time: 12PM

We will be meeting at Midtown Comics, enjoying a bit of shopping around this huge iconic comic book store. Find some Watchmen Merchandise, Maybe some delicious reads into the new adventures of Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? Trust me this place is fun ~

We will be leaving here around 1 PM... the latest 1:30PM

Then we will head over to have a lovely lunch at Dave and Busters
Apple Bees!

We will be going to the 4:10 PM showing of the movie, Please I'd like if you are going that you pre-order your tickets:

Also I would like us to leave the Apple Bees approximately an hour before the movie starts due to it being it's opening weekend and would like to get the best seats as possible, and I hate being late to movies !

Warnings about the movie:
Running Time: 2hrs 43 Minutes
Rated: R, if you are curious as to the rating, read the comic.
I'd also like to mention if you are planning on attending and you are under 18, please ask your parents before buying your ticket, it'd be a real shame if you get in trouble for seeing it or something.

The movie should be getting out around the 7:20PM zone I believe.

We might possibly end the meet with getting some sort of yummy dessert at either Juniors or Coldstone if people feel up to it !

Hope to see you there everyone !
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