kiwiTee (kiwitee) wrote in egl,

Problems with Anna House group order ;_;

Hi Ladies ^^,

I have managed a group order over the past few weeks which actually went very well and I had a nice and great communication with the AH staff. But after receiving the final package (yesterday) I realized that instead of 21 items only 20 have been shipped Ö.Ö One pair of shoes is missing, a cicumstance that, of course, is incredibly annoying.

I've written AH right in return, telling them about the missing pair of shoes and asking to send them as soon as possible. But I'm afraid that they won't reply or tell me that the shoes must be in there =_=
I mean, I'm within the "PayPal time" to retreat the money (or parts of it?) but I actually would like to have a more peaceful and nicer solution ;_;

Has anyone else encountered problems like this with Anna House? What did you do? And what should I do now? I hope some of you Ladies might help me!

EDiT: I'm not alowed to use tags, somehow  >_>

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