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Curious shopping Service question(HK based) updated~

Hello there!
i was going through egl and egl sales and it occured to me that i could maybe do a shopping service when i am in Hong Kong over the summer. so ladies and gentlemen, i was wondering, do you think that's really needed, a shopping service in Hong Kong? i can offer my services of inquiry and whatnot as i also speak the native tongue, and the stores i'm mostly looking at are annahouse, spider and the h, naoto stand in sogo... and i'd either ship it from HK or i'll take it back and ship it from the US (might be cheaper)...

Last year when i went i took the time to look for the physical shops listed on and i found
Spider(all around), Baby cupid(japanese clothing import) and also a candy wagon (or something to that like, sells loli-able  jewlery, runs very close to hime gyaru, but definetly loli inspired stuff).

Also in hong kong knee high and otk socks are really inexpensive and there is a wide range of patterns froms tars to stripes to plain, etc...

i  would appreciate your opinions :D thank you!i look forward to hearng from you guys!don't forget this is pretty much a feeler post for the time being XP (i'm not going until july...)

judging from most of my replies this should probably be a go, and i will probably go forth, but i would like to charge a comission fee of maybe 3%? 5%?, and i can do errands of all types, pretty much for example, say you wanted to find OTKs to match your rose toilette skirt or some necklaces, i can do that kind of comission as well...(i love matching outfits together XD) or if you wanted a simple aristo blouse, i could probably find one if you are in "general sizing"(i.e. i don't have to have it custom made) and since it's really hard to archive ALL the boutiques and stores in HK (that place is HUGE) i can't really give you stock photos.  i would have to find them as i go around...

this is getting confusing and i'm getting ahead of myself XO just think of it as an all-around shopping/errand type service, and details and rates and stuff will come later this year, probably june.

As some of you requested, a quick guide to stuff...
Spider at
5th link from top in the orange blob-> click on image-> click on picture-> down at the bottom are the prices, the conversion is approx. 1usd to 7 hkd if i am not mistaken. they do ship internationally, the shopkeepers are very nice and eager to answer questions, and all their items are self-designed and locally made. it's good quality for the prices/ being offbrand, i own(ed) some skirts and some blouses and they can go through the dreaded washing machine and still come out looking new (it doesn't wrinkle or shrink!)
general word on sizing, their skirts may run short, i am 5'8 and the skirts come up about two inches over my knee. their blouses are generally made of some slightly stretchy material which is very comfortable :D

quick translation of the size chart:
S-> bust 87-90cm, waist 69-72cm
M-> Bust 91-94cm, waist 74-77cm
they say free size, but a 33" waist is probably the maximum if you want to be comfortable.(speaks from expierence)

Annahouse, i'm sure most of us know about they have a physical shop that i can visit, but i am unfamiliar with their website.

Sogo also has a h. naoto/ Hangry& Angry stand that sells authentic stuff...i'm not sure about the things they have in stock or if its still there or not, but when i go i will check and make a more detailed post...:O

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