lynn (sushibot) wrote in egl,

North Carolina Tea Time Pictures

Last weekend we got together for tea at the OHenry Hotel for tea and snackies.

They didn't have enough sitting for us all to be together, but we were in the same area/couches. The couches and little tables were cute! The menu had yummy tea and lots of snacks to choose from. I tried to get photos of everyone with their tea! I missed one who came in a bit later.
There were some new faces this time! It made me happy to see some new girls getting involved. I feel terrible for forgetting to do an "everybody introduce themselves" though, so some girls I do not have their names/lj usernames T-T

Heather sakura_oki

Megan meiki

Heather Jo beata_beatrixx

{Megan, tell me her lj username? XD }



Lexi kaimana_rose

tomohayashida Sorry, caught you laughing - still pretty though!

cuddlywaniOmg, what? I forgot to take one of Alyssa with her tea? Why didn't you tell me! T__T I'm sorry ;3;


The gooods.


After much stuffing of our faces we headed out to the little courtyard where it was windy and rather cold! Since it was cold, I took everyone's pictures quickly - so they are all in the same spot sadly.

{sorry, I NEVER block out my face but the cold and wind made me look ANGRY ;o;}

Getting back into the warmth we decided to head over to the little shopping area where we found a fun toy store!

And a link to a short video - I also took some videos at the Hotel, but I can't upload them with my slow internet T-T¤t=MVI_1595.flv
There was a group shot, mine didn't come out though.
Yay! I hope everyone had a fantastic time. I'm glad to see some new faces :)

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