bluekoneko (bluekoneko) wrote in egl,

Pillow Fights for the Loli-lady?

I've been thinking about this one for a while, and couldn't decide if my idea was loli-worthy or I'm going to try!

I would love, love, love to meet up and do some old fashion pillow fighting with you all on International Pillow Fight Day! This year the event will be taking place on April 4th in Union Square at 3:00. I was just imagining how much fun it would be to have 12-15 lolitas decked out, tag-teaming,  and hitting the deck in an all-out pillow fight spanning 4 continents and 25 (26?) different cities!

Since the NYC location has recently been announced, I thought it was a good idea! Perhaps we could go for tea and cake afterwords? This is the first time I'm being allowed into the city without parents, a lolita meetup on top of a pillow fight would be great! 

I'll be bringing a friend (or two), and we'll both be dressed up. Would any of you like to join us? :3

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